About Us

RuLIV is a non-profit organisation of multi-disciplinary professionals which provide support services around all aspects of rural and urban development including project, programme and implementation management.

Based in East London in the Eastern Cape, the organisation renders services to a diverse range of clients ranging from village-based community development organisations, NGO’s, the private sector, Local Municipalities, Provincial and National Government Agencies, and multilateral and bilateral programmes.

RuLIV has expertise in facilitating the development and implementation management of participatory socio-economic development projects, governance and institutional development support, technical skills training, contracts management and the implementation management of international bilateral and multilateral agreement programmes.

RuLIV works primarily in the Eastern Cape Province but has on occasion ventured further afield to KZN, Free State, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and The North-West Provinces, with extensive experience in:

  • community development facilitation,
  • community-based natural resource management,
  • capacity building at the community and local government levels,
  • managing implementation,
  • livelihoods strategy facilitation,
  • governance and leadership training,
  • youth skills development, mentoring and support.
  • Facilitation of the National Stratergy Plan (NSP) of the Department of Health through community-based organisations (CBOs) and home based carers (HBC)
  • Surveys and Profiles (social, economic, enviromental and organisation)


Our Approach

RuLIV applies and promotes participatory approaches to its development practice, with a focus on building social capital resulting in empowered communities. We focus on the asset-based development approach by building on and enhancing the clients’ inherent strengths through application based training and capacity development.

During 2012, RuLIV started a process of pursuing expertise in green energy and bio-fuels in particular, by playing a significant role in brokering agreements and MoU’s between Government and strategic partners.

Past  work

RuLIV was the implementing agent for the SURUDEC (the Sustainable Rural Development in the Eastern Cape) pilot Programme, under the auspices of the Office of the Premier, since February 2008. This Bi-lateral Programme – was jointly funded by the European Union (EU) and the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier (OTP), focused on testing “grant making” as a viable vehicle towards the creation of sustainable communities.  This Programme completed the year’s administrative close-out phase at the end of 2013.

A key outcome for RuLIV was to build informed and capable community institutions, able to take charge of their future development. RuLIV regards household food and nutrition security, access to clean water and sanitation and income generation opportunities as key to the well being of impoverished communities. To this end the organisation has, through the implementation of SURUDEC, provided vital support to some 18 project sites across the Province in facilitating clear, long-term development plans aimed at enhancing the communities’ asset bases towards sustainable socio-economic development and growth.

Mapumgubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA)
RuLIV facilitated and conducted research in the Mhlonthlo Municipal area in conjunction with MISTRA. The Mapumgubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, headed by Joel Netshitenzhe was founded by a group of committed South Africans, leaders in the fields of research, academia, policy-making and governance who saw the need for a platform of engagement around strategic issues challenging South Africa’s transformation.

The research project titled “Poverty, Inequality and Patronage”, attempted to understand their impact on the conduct of Governments’ Policies and Programmes and their relationship to community protest actions. RuLIV has worked in this area, having substantial experience and knowledge of the geographic space through its SURUDEC project work in the Ward 19 area.

SAMVA (South African Military Veterans Association)
Some powers established in the Minister of Defence to attend to statutory needs of all veterans as enshrined by the Military Veterans Act.  RuLIV is facilitating business plans for the veterans (MKMVA)

RuLIV has a long-standing relationship with the local chapters of the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MK MVA) and continues to support this body in its efforts to assist rank and file members out of poverty.

Agricultural mentoring
RuLIV continues to provide invaluable mentoring and enterprise development assistance to emerging farmers through strong links with both the departments of Rural Development and Land Reform (national) and the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform (provincial) together with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Linked to this is a large Programme on Improved Meat production in the Eastern Cape, with the Nguni Project at its centre. This Nguni project is a partnership between the IDC, the University of Fort Hare, the Agricultural Research Council, the CSIR and the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the Provincial Government, centred around Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Three sites in the eastern areas of the Province are ready to pilot these innovative technologies.

RuLIV consists of a small dedicated core team with strategic skills sets enabling the organisation to undertake any development challenges confronting the country. Our commitment to increasing the cadre of competent development practitioners is borne out through our active Internship programme. RuLIV’s staff complement reflects South Africa’s demographic reality realistically.

RuLIV has strong financial governance systems and policies in place, managed by a qualified full time CA, supported by Birch Bruce Chartered Accountants, as our Auditors.  RuLIV audits its programmes, projects and the organisation to ensure transparent accountability.

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RuLIV offices are situated at 48 St James Road, Southernwood, East London. Contact RULiv by telephone 043-7048800, by fax on 043-7048822 or by mail on info@ruliv.org.za