In partnership with the National Woolgrowers’ Association (NWGA), RULIV implemented a shearing tent pilot project aimed at improving the incomes of small-scale sheep farmers. The project involved the purchase of two fully equipped tents for the shearing and classification of wool. These tents, as was practiced in the 1950s, would move from village to village, to service local farmers as the need arose. While a fixed shed can only be used for a limited number of sheep, a portable tent can be used for many more sheep and can cover the full shearing season and a wide geographical area. The project process assisted RULIV to identify and train an entrepreneur responsible for moving the tent around and the maintenance of the equipment on behalf of the local Wool Growers’ Association. In the off-season the tent would be rented out for weddings, funerals and other public events in order to ensure sustained business viability throughout the year.